I am a Crappy Christian and I Bet You Are, Too

Yes, I’m a crappy Christian. I wanted to use a different word than “crappy” but I decided against it. But really, aren’t we pretty poor? Not even compared to Jesus, but just compared to what is possible for us individually. I watched a video by Mike Slaughter and he made a really good statement in it:

“Didn’t somebody…Shakespeare or somebody said ‘Do unto others as you’d have others do unto you’…we better hope it was Shakespeare and not the Lord Jesus or we’re going to be in a lot of trouble.”

Mike Slaughter is the Senior Pastor as Ginghamburg Church in Ohio and said that last year at the Light the Fire church renewal conference sponsored by his church and United Seminary, where I attend. He said a couple other real quality statements during his presentation that reflect his desire to grow the church, both in his own buildings (he has one primary church and two satellite churches where his main church is supporting growth efforts in previously dying churches). But this one above stood out to me the most. Do we treat others as we’d hope to be treated?

Take time to really consider that question.

If you were broken down on the side of the road, wouldn’t you hope someone would stop and help you? Do you stop and help them? 

If you were hungry, wouldn’t you hope someone would help you provide for yourself and your family? Do you help people who are hungry?

If your children were struggling to read…..Do you reach out and help folks who are struggling to read?

Dig deep down in your personal mind and life and ask if you really do to others as you would like/expect them to do to you? I have to wrestle with this every day. On top of my current state of mind where I often see the negatives in every situation has led to me keeping my mouth shut a good bit of the time. The truth is, for every negative I vocalize or write out, there are probably 10 more I could say but I don’t because I try not to be a complete jerk. So often times I simply keep my mouth shut and don’t say what I am thinking. I also don’t do as much as I could helping in the community. I don’t stop when I see someone broken down or really help folks who are greatly struggling. That needs to change. My negativity is not likely to change any time soon, but my actions can. Does anyone really think they do as much as they can on a given week or day? Doubtful.

What did I do today? I have the day off, don’t have to work at all. What have I done today? Nothing. Went and blew $36 to eat out when I have cabinets full of food rather than giving that money to a worthwhile cause. ($36, BTW, will pay for a family to stay 3 nights in a Ronald McDonald House) The only thing I have done today is sit down and write the little post. A post that might be read by a dozen folks, most of whom will probably think I’m a jackass. Think what you want, I don’t mind. But go look in the mirror and think about what I have written. Do we really do to others as we’d like done to us? (That’s Matthew 7:12 if you want to look it up) We might also consider wearing out some of those bible pages and flipping back to Matthew 25 where Christ tells us “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.” We always like to quote the positive of that, but the negative works better. You want the kingdom? Better remember that every single person you meet on the street is a walking Jesus. Walk past that homeless man, just walked past Jesus. I’ve walked past Jesus many times. You have too. That’s why we’re crappy Christians. That’s why we need to change.



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