Tribute to Al Jones

So this past week my uncle died suddenly. Certainly it was out of the blue. Apparently he’d worked on Monday and Tuesday and then it happened on Wednesday. I got to see some folks this week that I haven’t seen in 10 or 15 years. Bummer how these things happen. I figured I’d come on here and write out what I spoke on today at the service.

Nahum 1:7- The Lord if good. A stronghold in the day of trouble.

Certainly we’re all sad today in our own ways. We lost a good friend, or a teacher, or a family member. Someone we’ve known for many years. But let’s remember all the good times we spent with him. Remember all the days spent over on the banks pitching horseshoes; we know he loved shoes since everyone so far has said something about it. Remember the days and nights spent sitting around the bar in his kitchen having drinks and swapping lies.

One story to share was a real happy day for him and the family. Happened just over nine years ago. I was working with him during my winter break from college. I needed to get off at lunch time this particular day; maybe a dozen people know why that’s the case. A couple hours after that, I was at my grandparents house there on the same street as Al. I looked out the window and see Al’s truck go driving by at about 75 miles per hour. About two minutes later, we see Sherry’s Jeep zip out of the garage. I’m pretty sure they were driving 100 miles per hour by the time they got to the end of the block, both of them with huge smiles. They drove a long way that afternoon and evening and I’m sure they were driving faster than the speed limit the whole way, I probably would have too. That was the 27th of December 2004 and they were bound for Charlotte, doing everything possible, legal and probably illegal, to get there in time to see Bentley when he was born. And they made it. I’m not sure either one of them has stopped smiling in the 9 years since. 

Let’s remember all the great things he did and all the great times. Remember the guy that would help you out all the time, the guy who would drive six hours to be with family.

I stopped by the store a few minutes ago, got a little something I figure we can all appreciate [pint bottle of Crown Royal]. Top shelf only.

So, Al, here’s one for you…’Go rest high on that mountain. Son, your work on Earth is done.’


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