Homeless LGBT Youth in Utah

Every now and then, I read something that makes me angry. It’s not often, but it happens. I read this statement on Facebook today:

From Marian Edmonds Allen, my dear friend and Utah’s very own Mother Teresa:

My letter to the Editors of the Deseret, Tribune and Standard. Enough is enough. Usually it is one youth every 2 weeks. Not this week.

To the Editor –

I am writing to ask Church leaders and members to help with a crisis in Utah. In the past five days, there has been a huge increase in newly homeless youth asking our center for help, directly or through others. 
These youth have some things in common, and some that differ:

They come from four different counties, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Cache and Box Elder.

Each youth is currently attending high school, or trying to find a way to continue attending high school. One slept in the snow in front of her school this week because she had no place to go.

The youngest is 15 years old.

Each youth is lesbian or gay.

Each youth is from a Mormon family. 

There is help to keep families together, regardless, and perhaps ESPECIALLY because of faith. With the support of all of us in Utah, children can be safe, at home. Church leaders and members, please share this message with those you know. Every child deserves a warm, safe home.

If you need to tell your child to leave his or her home, there are host families through the Safe and Sound Program (SafeandSoundUtah.org), including active Mormons, who will keep your child from sleeping in the snow or being assaulted on the streets. If your family needs someone to talk to, please ask for help, or access information online from the Family Acceptance Project. 

FIVE children in five days. Not acceptable. 

Marian Edmonds Allen, BS MDiv
Executive Director, OUTreach Resource Centers

I’ve taken a little while to think about this. I’m still angry. It’s virtually certain that I don’t know any of these kids. It’s also virtually certain that I do not know any of the males or females who want to think they are parents. These people are not parents. These males are not fathers or men. These females are not mothers or ladies. Parents, fathers and mothers, do not throw their kids out into the street. These people are just pieces of crap.

We like to ask the little question of “What Would Jesus Do?” Obviously I don’t always know what Jesus would do, no one does. However, I think we can all agree that Jesus would not throw one of his children out into the street. You know what else I’m fairly certain that Jesus would not do? He wouldn’t go over to one of these male’s homes and kick him in the teeth. But I’d sure like to do it. Like that? It’s called truth. Truth is, this makes me angry. If more people got angry when they read this, you know, the people who actually go to church with and live next door to these jerks who throw their kids into the street, something might change. Why do we accept this? Is this really what Christian folks do? Sit by idly while our neighbors throw their kids into the street. Because that’s what we are doing. We’re doing it every day. It’s time we stopped. Stop enabling these males and females. They’re pieces of garbage and deserve to be treated as such. Reading this and don’t like what I wrote, think I’m too harsh? I don’t care. This is quite restrained from what I’m thinking in my head. Have a nice day.


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