Godhead, in My Theological Opinion


I believe that God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three distinct beings united in a singular purpose.  I believe that God the Father directed Jesus Christ to form the Earth and create mankind in God’s image.  In the same way that Jesus Christ once dwelled with God the Father in Heaven, all of us did as well.  We are all created in the image of God the Father.

I believe that Jesus Christ came to Earth as the Savior for all mankind.  He lived among us, worked among us, and taught among us so that we could have a more complete understanding of the full gospel.  Eventually, he died on the cross to atone for all of our sins and it is through that atonement that we can find salvation and exaltation.

I believe that the Holy Ghost is a spirit being who can speak to us individually. By listening to the Holy Ghost we can discern the message of God as it relates to us and our specific situation.  It is also through the Holy Ghost that we can receive inspiration when reading the scriptures.  The Holy Ghost is God the Father’s way of communicating with us and is the way we can receive revelation for ourselves, our families, and our ministerial charges.

I believe that while Latter-day Saints do not fit into the orthodox definition of the Trinity, we are not a non-Trinitarian faith.  To me, a closer look at the historical texts shows that Latter-day Saints are homoiosian Trinitarians opposed to orthodox homoousian Trinitarians.  I believe in the Godhead with three members, God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, but that the relationship between the three is different.  I believe that I am not a strict monotheist because Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are gods, deified beings, they are not worshiped like God the Father.  In that way, I believe that I am henotheist, I worship only one God but I believe in the existence of multiple other gods and deities.

I believe that, while separate in being, the three members of the Godhead are singular in purpose.  Without one, the system cannot function.  Without God the Father, there could not have been creation.  Without Jesus Christ, there can be no salvation.  Without the Holy Ghost, there can be no communication or inspiration.


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