Running Journal 1/12/15 to 1/18/15

I started my half marathon training this week. I had downloaded a 10K training plan from RunKeeper, but I felt that it ramped up the mileage too fast so I ditched that about a month ago. I went through and developed my own play that also allows flexibility in my work, school, and family schedules. Once I can get myself built up to about 50 miles a week, I think I want to focus on speed in shorter races. My short term goals for running are sub-2 hours in the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May, then sub-4 hours in the NYC Marathon in November. Beyond that, I think a longer term goal would be to place high enough in a New York Road Runners race to cash a check and also run a sub-3 hour marathon. Now, on to this weeks log:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2 miles easy. Ran in a 10:24 pace, this was a little faster than I wanted to go. I like to keep slow runs between 10:30 and 11 minutes per mile right now.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2 miles easy. 10:09 pace. Faster than Tuesday, faster than I wanted. The temp when I ran was in the mid-20’s. I think I ran faster than I intended to get out of the cold a little quicker.

Friday: 18 holes golf, walking. Walked about 4 3/4 miles in 2 hours 12 minutes. Yep, I track my golf. I think walking the golf course keeps my legs loose and tends to work the legs a little differently than running. I also did a body weight circuit workout to work on muscle strength. It’s just a stock plan I got online. I’m currently reading some other books to develop my own strength and conditioning plan.

Saturday: 2 miles easy. 10:36 pace. A little faster on the first mile, slowed it down for the second. Nothing special.

Sunday: 4 miles easy. 10:45 pace. Right on the pace I was looking for. Splits: 11:15, 10:09, 10:39, 10:57. My shins were hurting just a bit during the run, I tried a new stretching routine after the run from an older book by Arnold Schwarzenegger titled “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.” I got this book for free a while back but I’d never used it. I got it out this week to make up a strength training program for myself and it had a very good stretching routine in the first chapter. My shins feel pretty good after that stretch.

Next week should be roughly the same as this week since I’m bumping the mileage up fairly slowly.


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