Running Journal 1/19/15 to 1/25/15

Monday: Circuit exercise at work. I’ll detail my strength workouts one day this week or next.

Tuesday: 2 miles. 10:35 pace, splits, 10:36, 10:34. It can’t get much better than that as far as being steady. My shins hurt a little bit for maybe the first 1/4 or 1/2 mile, but felt fine for the rest of the run. After the run I did a fairly long set of stretches, 20 minutes, and I feel pretty good after that.

Wednesday: Weight training. I didn’t get the whole workout in because I got to the gym too late. No worries though.

Thursday: 3 miles. 10:49 pace, splits 10:42, 10:45, 11:00. Good, easy three mile run. I did squats last night during the weight work so my quads were tight. Also read an article this morning about incorporating weight work into a running routine and one of the big things with that was to do weight work on running days so that off-days are still completely off. Makes perfect sense really. So the strength training workout I’d planned for tomorrow is off.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 22 minutes. We had 3 inches of snow on the ground and it was raining. So I ran indoors around our basketball court. I ran 22minutes and I averaged about 30 seconds a lap. Not sure of the mileage or pace because I’m not sure of the size of the court but I ran at least two miles.

Sunday: 4 miles. 10:50 pace. Splits 10:49, 10:30, 10:54, 11:08. Second half is slower because I was running back into a pretty strong wind. Felt great afterwards. Have to see how this upcoming week goes since we’re supposed to get a bunch of snow this week.


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