Daily Fast Write 2/23/15

In my most recent seminary class, we did a thing called a “Fast Write.” I think I’m going to start doing these. Who knows what I’ll pick as a topic. This week’s comes from a video lecture in another class. Tomorrow’s might come from a scripture passage I read, or from the news, or who knows. I hope to be able to do these every day, but I doubt that will actually happen. These will be posted exactly as I type them with no correction of typos, punctuation, capitalization, etc. Let’s see how this goes.

“If we make church into a commodity, we no longer “compete” with just churches, we compete with baseball, sports, shopping, eating out, etc. Church is just another option for “consumers” to weigh and see what gives the most self-fulfillment.” What does this mean? Don’t churches always have to have something that is different from the ones down the street? Does it matter what that “something” is? I would say it does. sometiems that something can be nothing more than fancy light shows, video boards, and a message rooted in some murky version of the Gospel. Sometimes that something is deeply rooted in the full Gospel and works on wholly transforming lives, yet they are able to add things to the building that makes it easier for individuals and families to attend. making your church stand out is not a problem unless it detracts from the message of Jesus Christ. I wonder why I don’t like church. that’s not entirely true. i really love church. i love reading. i love studying. most days i even love going to seminary and doing school work. i just really don’t like waking up on sunday mornings and going to church. that’s a very strange dynamic. truthfully, i’d say that i would have stopped attending long ago were it not for a strong testimony. well, i have to admit that my wife dragged me to church for quite a while, though i might have never admitted that to her. yet now, i just find myself tired. i haven’t really been invigorated about going to church since i stopped being a sunday school teacher back around october of 2013. it’s fun some days, others, most others, not so much. i get bored. i get bored sitting through lame sermons…why do i even use that word? LDS folk don’t give sermons, they give talks. beleive me, there is a huge difference. massive difference. sermons make people want to come off the pews and improve their life or the lives of others. talks list off a bunch of facts that everyone already knows and fail to every once challenge a person to improve. just my opinion. constantly, every 2 or 3 months, we get to hear a lovely talk on tithing. oh joy. i love it when some poor 12 year old deacon gets tasked with this. some folk pay tithing. some folk don’t. i can’t say for certain, but it’s highly likely that those who don’t pay have a reason and their minds will not be changed by a 12 year old kid yammering about some, to him, mythical blessings of tithing. it just bores me. i find myself bored most sundays in church, sadly. We pass the Sacrament of Holy Communion, i’m going to use that full name from now on, about 15 minutes into the service…meeting, I forgot…and I…


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