Daily Fast Write 2/24/15

“But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do.” Vain repetitions, we hate those. We talk about not using those all the time. But don’t worry, that prayer you said over dinner last night that was the same as the one you used the night before and the 25 nights before that, that one’s OK. not vain at all. Why only 25 nights? well, you probably ate out somewhere and forgot to pray because we sometimes forget to pray in public. Jesus said don’t pray in public. does that mean to literally not pray in public or to just not pray in public as a sign of how special and Godly you are? I read something late night that a lot of younger folks nowadays think that Christians are hypocrites. on another note, that same book excludes Mormons from the Christian church. that didn’t impress me. but it comes from a group sponsored by the American Bible Society, so i shouldn’t really be surprised. i saw a survey from them that ranked Salt Lake City at #90 of 100 in the most biblical cities, something like that was the title of the survey. that doesn’t really surprise me, the South was near the top. why was SLC near the bottom? probably because of the wording of the questions. ask a Mormon “is the Bible the inerrant word of God” and most of them will say no. it’s an article of Faith…”Bible so far as it is translated correctly.” that’s always been a comfort to me, i think. back to vain repetitions…how often to we pray in vain repetitions? how often to we go to church and hear the same invocation as last week? maybe not verbatim, but really close. “God bless those who are sick, those who are traveling, those who can’t be here. bless the speakers….” and so forth. i’ve always wondered why that is? but i do the same thing. major change of directions…we’re having a girl. i thought we were having a girl. it just seemed like the thing that was supposed to happen. i wasn’t excited initially about having another child, it seemed like 2 was enough. but now i like the idea. Trey gets his sister Pepper. he wants to name her pepper. Camille is not a fan of that name. i strangely like it for some reason. it sounds really cute, i think. i have no idea why i think that. a friend just asked me if he got that name from Iron Man…i don’t think he’s ever seen Iron man. I’ve never seen Iron Man, I’ve never seen most of the Marvel movies. I did see Guardians of the Galaxy. that movie was hilarious. Batista was funny in that movie. Gwoss. Some people might find that funny. I saw a picture last night where Q from Star Trek said that he’d helped Matthew and Luke write their Gospels. that was funny to me. some folks might not get it. some folks don’t like Star Trek, so they don’t know who Q is. Some folks don’t know the two source hypothesis, so they don’t know what Q is. jokes aren’t funny when they have to be explained. i had to explain it, so i thought, on our lovely million mormons Facebook site, but i took the explanation down. why do i still go there? i really should leave. it’s quite a bother. jokes and sob stories, that’s all. why can’t we have some solid discussions about religion and theology?


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