Daily Fast Write 2/25/15

“I’m bored, brother.” hulk hogan said that almost 20 years ago when he decided to stop beign a good guy in professional wrestling. as a side note, it’s almost frignteing to me that the nWo started 19 years ago. but what is it about being bored? i’m bored. i really am. truly bored with church. like, the institution of church, the building. i’m not bored with reading the bible or the book of mormon or studying about church renewal. i’m bored with actually going and sitting in the seats. i talked about this with camille last night. she says taht maybe i don’t give the sermons a chance. maybe i don’t. maybe i do but i can tell within about 30 seconds what it’s goign to be about, get bored, and then the speaker never does anything to really bring me back. a friend suggested taht i try to do a people watching activity during church. that’s cool, i guess, but it doesn’t really get to the root of the boredom. i think this has come up a lot recently after i went to ginghamsburg twice while i was in school. i really feel like i got something out of the church. the preachers really engaged me. i’d like to go back and watch the sermons again to get more otu of them. maybe i could start taking notes during the sermons at church like we did in class. that would be cool. why do i call them sermons? we don’t even call them sermons as a church. verbiage is important. call them sermons and people might really feel the need to try to put together something taht really calls someone to action rather than the lame ass schtick that we get every week as it is now. i really feel bad. i mean, we try to get folk to come to church, missionaries break their asses every day trying to do that. yet what do they find when they get to church? bland talks and the atmosphere of a business meeting. is there no joy in worshiping God? we sure do’t seem to show it. sad thign is, if you did show it, people would look at you like you’re crazy. we can’t even smile. but then again, i don’t smile either. maybe if i smiled other people would smile and at some point in time we might actually have a vibrant joyful congregation. perhaps i’ll try that. i get to teach this Sunday. i’m stoked about that. i like teaching. i really enjoy going to church when i know that i get to teach. we’ll see how the rest of the services go…oh, wait, it’s fast Sunday…bother. but i’m fasting for Lent, so it’s cool. at least i won’t be hungry listening to the rambles…


One thought on “Daily Fast Write 2/25/15

  1. Tammy Field says:

    Your right….sometimes it just seems like we are going through the motions. Especially when you have small kids and you wonder why you even bother. But you are setting an example. You are teaching them where they need to be and how to behave when they are worshiping God.
    To worship doesn’t just mean to go and listen…we have to prepare ourselves, mental and physically. It doesn’t hurt to have questions or thoughts in mind that we are looking for answers too. Our God loves us! But we have to be anxiously engaged….whether listening, teaching, studying or asking. We cannot be passive and think all things spiritually will just come to us.

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