Daily Fast Write 2/27/15

“RIP, Leonard Nimoy.” Uh, what the hell? Seriously? That’s Mr. Spock, man. I’m a nerd, I admit it. Not many cast members from the original Star Trek still around. Kinda strange to think that show came out over 50 years ago. Kinda strange to think about a lot of things in relation to time. Maybe Spock should be a notice to folks who smoke. He stopped smoking 50 or so years ago and he still suffered from CPOD. Bad stuff. Same stuff that contributed to the death of my uncle a couple weeks ago. “has there been a recent change in the population of our family” I asked my mom that morning. I saw a really strange post from a cousin. It’s hard to ask “did somebody die?” At least I could play it off with my other question. Death happens sadly. WWE is in New York City tonight, I wish I could go. talk about a change of directions. Stuff like that happens in these fast writes. I Like WWE. It’s entertaining. some folks probably think I’m going to hell because I watch it. Oh well. They can think that. Maybe I am going to hell, who knows. I think the stronger I get as a religious person the easier it is for me to admit that I might be wrong. Some folks I don’t think could deal with that uncertainty. I can. brings me comfort, really. We were talking some about “group think” last night. Every time I hear about group think, I think about Golf Club Atlas and the discussion board. Part of me is glad I’m not there anymore. It was fun, getting to chat and converse. I’ve had a lot of discussions with green and red letters sprinkled in. Green letters. he seems like a good guy generally, but i can’t tell if he’s a school yard bully or just wants to drive conversation. speaking of bullies…that seems to be a big problem nowadays. I think it’s because the internet keeps it from being self limiting. back when I was in school, not that long ago…and I’ve pretty much passed a major turning point in life saying “back when I” …”middle aged white men” we are middle aged white men, Joey said. Yeah, I guess we are. back to bullying…it used to be that if you were a bully, you had your fun and eventually came on somebody who’d just beat your face in, then you weren’t a bully any more. But the internet prevents that self policing. The problem then becomes the fact that kids feel like they can’t talk to parents. I think we do a bad job as parents trying to make sure our kids feel like their problems are important. we have the bills to pay and stuff. yet to the kids, these online bullies or whatever are huge problems. we cause them to stuff it inside them and let it fester, causing depression and who knows what else, because they have no safe place to share it. We see kids, what, 11 and 12 years old commit suidide nowadays? Maybe if they could talk to somebody who didn’t just blow off their problems as nothing significant, that wouldn’t happen. I have to make sure that I do that with my kids. Leonard Nimoy. What is Star Trek without him? what a character he played.


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