Daily Fast Write 2/28/15

Really late on this, it’s actually after midnight…oops. Long day

“Men try to fix things.” Today I watched part of a movie about a 14 year old girl who was sexually assaulted by an older man. Rather uncomfortable to watch. One thing that stood out to me, probably because i’m studying a lot of pastoral care now, is that the father in the movie never tried to listen to what his daughter had to say about the assault, but he simply wanted to fix it however he thought was best. I wonder how often parents, specifically dads, do that? Often times I feel like I try to find solutions rather than listening. Certainly the military does that. At least I’m getting paid this coming week. Going to work without getting a paycheck was not going to be all that much fun. I mean, that’s tough. i hope I can have a good day at church tomorrow. I have to teach Elders, so that should be fun. I’m going to teach the lesson using readings, read backs, writes, and so forth like from class. I felt like that was a great community building teaching method. Oh, I ate a “kosher style” hot dog last night. I guess I never knew what that meant until last week. Kosher style…that’s no good for the Jewish folks, they can’t eat that. Real kosher has to be supervised by a Rabbi, apparently. I didn’t realize that. Hopefully I can meet with the Rabbi this coming week. I want to learn more about the Jewish culture and Judaism so that I can be a better minister. Who knows, I might find God in the Synagogue. I feel like God can be found anywhere, as long as we are looking for God.


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