Daily Fast Write 3/1/15

So I started doing this in church today. I think I’m going to teach Elder’s Quorum like this from not on when it’s my weekend. It will get better than it was today once people figure out the idea.

“Come out of sadness from wherever you’ve been” This is all we really have to do isn’t it? Just come as we are. God doesn’t need for us to prepare. His grace and the atonement of Jesus Christ are sufficient for all…Leonard Nimoy died last week. That kinda bummed me out. I’m a Star Trek nerd. Major bummer he won’t be in the next movie…Today have been a good day. I got to teach twice. I really enjoy teaching. Really the think I enjoy most about church. Sadly church isn’t fun or uplifting for me sometimes. That might come as a shock to some…A girl on Facebook this morning mentioned that she was happy church was canceled in North Carolina because it gave her a real day of rest. I posted that she should talk to an Orthodox Jew. Those folks know Sabbath keeping. I mean, they can’t even heat up soup in the microwave. Talk about keeping the day holy…Today was fun and uplifting.


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