Daily Fast Write 3/3/15

“A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.” Let’s think about this for a minute, folks. Someone really said this, in an interview. One of those wonderful humans from India who killed a girl a few years ago. Hopefully they get the death penalty. Yeah, Christian guy who supports the death penalty. At least I think I do. This was a debate, kind of, in a Christian ethics class I took a couple semesters ago. I can’t remember exactly how I phrased my response. Either way. But what leads people to think things like this? How low a value to you have to hold for another human being? I guess he’d say the same thing were it his daughter that was raped and killed? Hopefully he gets what he deserves. Sometimes I wish we had Judges, like in Judge Dredd. I thought that on Saturday when we watched part of a movie in Victim Advocate training. I think it now. I’d volunteer to be Judge Dredd, no doubt. Just…really. what do folks think about? Girl goes to a movie with a friend, might have been a boyfriend, was certainly a male, and this hump thinks she deserves what she got because of that. Just a wonderful, classy human being. I requested a book last night from the library on an introduction to Queer Theology. Also I read part of an introduction to a book from a SOuthern Baptist pastor who has recently changed his theological view on LGBT folks in church. I thought about something earlier today…how would folks in church react if I said “queer?” Well, I think I know how they’d react, shock and horror. I think it’s telling that some, maybe most, folks are so detached from the conversation about gays and lesbians that they have no idea that “queer” is now an acceptable word to be used in describing members of the community. LGBTQ is now one of the abbreviations (yeah, I know it’s not really an abbreviation, I can’t think of the right word) used to describe the community. Along with many others…intersex, intergender, questioning, pansexual…oh my. I couldn’t tell you what most of those mean, but I do know that they exist. We need to know more about folks that fit into this group. These people are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. THough don’t some of them not actually identify themselves by gender? I think I read that somewhere. Yeah, a third gender…I think I read about that with the kid in Oakland who got burned up pretty bad. Even the newspaper, New York Times maybe, said there is a difficulty in assigning gender to some people who do not want to be identified by gender. I can’t remember is the kid in Oakland was transgender, I don’t think so, or identified as asexual. Anyway. I guess according to the logic of the bum I mentioned before, this person deserved to be burned nearly to death because he/she was riding the bus in the evening wearing female clothes. See, I can’t even adequately describe the gender. Born male, I remember that, but dressed female sometimes and didn’t want to be identified by a particular gender. How do we address that as a church? That’s the real complication, isn’t it? How do you deal with someone who self identifies as female, but was born male, who is attracted to males? Is is “same gender attraction?” I hate that term, btw. Well, I guess that depends how we want to define gender and sexuality. Are gender and sexuality determined only by genetics? I’m not smart enough to have the answer to that one, at least I can admit that. Do we even try to research some of the things that we say? I’m not researching this, I’m just writing whatever thoughts come to mind, but sometimes people make these huge, sweeping statements without, seemingly, doing the first bit of research into the science behind it. Strange.


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