Daily Fast Write 3/5/15

“Queer Theology.” I’m not totally sure what that is, exactly. I guess I’ll have a better idea in a couple days once Patrick Cheng’s “Introduction to Queer Theology” book arrives at my local library. That’s not the exact title, I can’t remember it. I’m annoyed the book hasn’t arrived already. I requested it on Monday…it only have to come from Manhattan. I guess if I really wanted it, I would have gone to Manhattan and checked it out though. But I’ll have to see how it goes. I feel like I’m detached and uneducated on that whole discussion. I have no idea what that side of the discussion is. I want to learn. I suppose I need to learn. At the very least I need to be able to relate the Gospel to a gay fellow who comes in looking for counseling even if I stick with the orthodox theology. I need to expand my theological understanding about a lot of things. So many things that I can’t explain how I believe what I believe. That’s not uncommon for most Christians and Mormons, so I’m not alone. But I’m trying to be a professional, I have to know more and be able to say more. The depth of my theology determines how well I can provide care. Some people will probably think I’m crazy for reading Cheng. Then again, some of my ultra conservative religious friends would probably say I’m crazy for reading Barth too. I’m come to understand that there are many people who are far more intelligent than I am about theology and religion. A lot of those folks have written books. I should probably try to read some of those. I think we do a poor job of welcoming LGBT folks into the congregations. We do a rather poor job welcoming anyone who doesn’t fit our mold of “right” I think. That used to really irritate me. Now I just live with it, I guess. I’m considering making videos for the rest of Lent on Sunday’s and then Holy Week through to Pentecost. We’ll have to see how that goes with school and all. But it’s an idea. Maybe more worship than I’d get normally. How to we minister to LGBT folks? As a Christian community as a whole, we’ve made them feel unwelcome for years. How can we get them back? This is a communal problem. Do we even try to solve it? I wonder. I wonder if Mel read my post the other night? Will she mention it at work? Really sucks that she’s getting screwed. Hopefully all that works out. How do w deal with LGBT folks in church? Strange…I left out the Q ever time I wrote that…yet I’m about to read Queer Theology. You’d think I would recognize that…


One thought on “Daily Fast Write 3/5/15

  1. Jennifer Berlyoung says:

    I think you accidentally stuck “rape culture” in your tags.

    I think the question of how to include and accept LGBTQ persons into a congregation is an important one. Far too often LGBTQ persons are pushed out by feeling unwelcome. Why do we as Christians do this? Is it fear? Is it a lack of knowledge about LGBTQ folks? Is it simply that certain persons will NOT be welcome in our midst and our theology says so?

    Thank you for your desire to learn more about this. It’s important work.

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