Daily Fast Write 3/6/15

“You racist mother f*&^er.” I just heard somebody I work with say that because his/her friend didn’t want to send their child to a specific high school in New  York. I agree with the sentiment. How often are people racist or sexist or sexualist (that’s a new word, but I don’t like homophobic in this case) and maybe don’t even recognize it? I try to recognize this in myself. But how often does this happen? Folks who raise their alertness because they see a black kid walking on the sidewalk. Nevermind that he’s better dressed than your own child. That doesn’t matter. Just matters that he’s black, so he’s bad. What about gay folks? How do we treat them? Well, not very good. Now, I wouldn’t go to one of the NYC pride parades, not because I don’t want to be around gay folks, but because I have little desire to see some fat man dressed with nothing but a sock around his testicles. Wait..little desire? Negative, make that no desire. Let’s just make sure that’s clear. Gay or not. I just don’t want to see some dude dressed like that. But do we let these folks in our churches? Well, maybe we let them in the doors, but will they feel welcome or will they feel like the proverbial whore in church? No, it’s doubtful they’ll be accepted by our members. Quite sad really. Didn’t Jesus say that the way we treat the least of his brothers (and sisters) we treat him the same? Yeah, I think we miss that part. I’m supposed to preach on the 15th. I say preaching because that’s how I treat it. Most folks don’t treat it that way. I take seriously what I’m tasked to do. I have to get up there for 20 minutes and hold the attention of the congregation. I’m supposed to have something relevant to tell them. I’m supposed to tell them something that will cause them to rise up of of the pews and change something. Change their personal theology, change their actions, make a difference, something. Ideally, I’ll say something that will make everyone squirm in the seats just a little bit and find out if what I said was really true as far as they believe. We need to be a little uncomfortable in order to grow in faith. I think the person in the conversation above has little desire to grow beyond their own little box. We have to grow beyond our boxes or we’ll just be stagnant.


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