Daily Fast Write 3/7/15

“When I converted to Catholicism.” Well, that was unexpected. I’m not sure why it was unexpected, it just was. I wonder how many people say the same thing when I say that I converted to Mormonism? Quite a few, I suppose. People change religions for any number of reasons. I wouldn’t pretend to say why someone did that. For me, I changed because I found teachings in the faith that were much similar to things that I had beleived for quite a while. How many others do this? I’d say quite a few. People find these truths often in the old High Churches because they haven’t fooled around with the order of worship and watered down the faith to the point of nothingness….It’s hard to focus right now, a guy came into the room and put something on TV. Oh well, I can’t keep stuff to myself, wouldn’t even try. I’m ready for our little vacation. This should be fun, we haven’t been on a vacation in quite a while. Hopefully we can keep easy track of the kids. I’m ready for a break.


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