Daily Fast Write 3/8/15

Sorry, it will be the 9th before this is posted, but I got busy today.

“You can’t get from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday without having Good Friday.” This is big. It came up in some school conversations this week. We, as people, I think often want to go from the triumphant entry to the resurrection and magnificence of that without having to deal with the beatings and death of Good Friday. We always talk in church about the atonement of Jesus Christ yet we never talk about Good Friday. Hmm…I’m talking about Easter again. Yeah, I’m annoyed we’re not doing anything for Easter. Seems insane to me. But anyway…it’s like we forget that the atonement wasn’t really possible without the death on the cross. He couldn’t have been resurrected without dying, right? So maybe the suffering on the cross deserves a mention or two in church. But what do I know? I remember reading last year a book on the Gospel of Judas Iscariot. Not written by Judas, just written about him. Gnostic stuff. It;s a very unique book in that Judas is the #2 hero of the story rather than the dastardly vilian. Bet you didn’t see that coming? However, I think it’s a very believable story in that Jesus asks Judas to sell him out because He knows that Judas is the only one of the Apostles with enough strength to actually do it. Jesus asked Judas because He knew it was His purpose to die and needed someone to put that plan into motion. Very interesting interpretation. Does that change the story though? No, I don’t think that it does. The same Jesus died on the same cross for our same sins. Doesn’t change a thing….Yesterday was 50 years since Selma. Strangely Facebook was very quiet about that. I remember it lighting up a couple years ago when it was 50 years since the March on Washington. Speaking of the March on Washington…somebody once tried to tell me that Patton’s speech to the troops was better than King’s “I have a Dream.” Then he decides to cite an article in a British online newspaper written by a British journalist as evidence that King’s speech wasn’t very important. yeah…am I the only one that sees it odd that one would cite a British work about an American event? Hmm…maybe find me something written by one of the leading scholars of the New South or 20th Century African American history. You know, people who know what they’re talking about in the field. Problem is, they likely don’t say what old pal wanted them to say. So why go looking for them? Jolly Good.


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