Daily Fast Write 3/9/15

“Does anyone find it sobering to realize how badly first century religious leaders got the Messiah wrong, so wrong, they killed the Messiah in God’s name? It does me, and it makes me wonder what we are missing today…..” C. Gutenson via Facebook. This is pretty powerful stuff. I sometimes wonder if Jesus would even recognize the church of today? I’m still waiting for “Queer Theology” to arrive at the library. I wonder what hermeneutic the writer used to develop his theology? Just the same, I wonder what hermeneutic is used to include women in the ranks of the ordained? Not that I disagree with women being ordained. I had a great mentor last year who was women, true women of God, no doubt. Looking back, I think this is a place that Kate Kelly fell short. Maybe I should go back to the Ordain Women website to see if she really spells this out and I just missed it, but I don’t think she, or the group, ever really laid out a true Biblical, hermeneutical, and theological argument supporting the ordination of women. James Cone wrote Black Theology of Liberation and shaped Jesus Christ and the Gospel through the African American hermeneutical lens. Does Kate do the same? Does she have any real, high quality writings that express why she thinks women should be ordained? We heard in class a couple weeks ago that everything has to come back to “Thus saith the Lord” and I agree with that. I’m spacing out trying to think of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, scripture, experience, tradition, and reason maybe? But if we put Scripture first as I believe Wesley suggests, and I agree, then we still have to read scripture through the lens of our own life story. So, perhaps Ordain Women should go in and try to write a really detailed treatise on how scripture supports the ordination of women through their lens of reason, tradition, and experience. How do they interpret the scriptures to support their point? Because I haven’t seen much of that in what I read, though I intend to go back and look. I would suspect that Patrick Cheng does a good job of crafting a detailed theological argument in his book because he’s a trained writer and theologian, but I will have to see. Back to the original question, I think often times today churches fail because we don’t root our belief system firmly in what’s written in scripture. Now, I’m not saying that everything has to follow what is “orthodox” but if someone is attempting to believe something that is contrary to the orthodox, he or she should be able to support this point with something other than “it just feels right.” I think many churches do this well. Is there a hermeneutic that allows for a reading of the Bible that allows one to believe that homosexual conduct is OK and that folks can still take themselves on a life changing journey with Jesus Christ? I’d bet there is. Are these folks right or are they wrong? Well, I don’t know. Who am I to judge?…Who am I to judge…I seem to recall someone saying something like that recently…someone goes by various titles to include “Vicar of Christ” and “Servant of the Servants of God.” You might have heard of him. Yeah, who am I to judge.


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