Daily Fast Write 3/13/15

“The bigger the sin, the greater must be the love that the church shows to those who convert.” Pope Francis said that. I agree. What about those who don’t convert? What about those who want to come to church and remain in their sinful lifestyle? We have to show love to them as well. Otherwise, we drive them out of the churches. Is that really what we want to do? We sure do a good job of it. Our actions as members drive out sinners who are made to feel unwelcome. We drive out folks who aren’t wearing the “right” clothes. We drive out everybody who doesn’t fit into the standard molds. And why? Are we threatened by these folks for some reason? Bother, I’m still waiting for Queer Theology to come to the library. That annoys me. Really? 2 weeks for a book to come from Manhattan? Insane. I should have just gone over there and picked it up. Would have been so much quicker. But whatever. I feel like I’m getting real benefit spiritually from writing these. I think it’s easier to write small stories like these rather than trying to come up with longer articles with other content. There are somethings that I might like to write about, but who knows. If anyone reading this wants to comment and suggest a particular topic you’d like me to write about, that’d be cool. I could do that. I’m actually getting readers. Tags and volume of posts work really well. I’m happy that I can get readers. I write this for me, but I also write it for others to read and hopefully feel touched by the spirit when they read it. My video has gotten a few views as well. I hope that becomes something really cool. I’ll have to see how it goes. I’m surprisingly staying committed to writing these. I was worried that I would not. Sometimes it might be 11:59 when I post them, but I get them done. Does God change? That’s still a relevant question. I’m not sure I have that answer…I got back to running today, I’ve been less than diligent with that lately. I listened to some religion podcasts while I was running. Those were good. Some podcasts about the Apocryphal Gospels. I like those. I might write something about the Gospel of Judas on here sometime. Very interesting stuff.


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