Daily Fast Write 3/14/15

“I know I’m not the only one.” Cool song. I’m warming up to this Sam Smith guy. But I hear that song and I wonder if that might not be a good theme song for God? I mean, we read in Genesis to not worship false idols and have no other gods before YHWH, but do we really listen to that counsel today? You know, how much time do we spend watching sports and thinking about sports compared to how much time we spend worshiping God and thinking about God? Just something to think about. You know, if you spend an hour in church on Sunday and that’s it, but watch 10 hours of basketball on Saturday and then do much the same after church on Sunday, I might have to ask if God YHWH is really your God? Just a thought. I bet some people won’t like me for making that statement. Oh well. Hmm…I had a thought, but then I lost it. Hate when that happens. Now I’m going to be annoyed all night. Must not have been too important. Peace be with you. Out.


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