Weekly Devotionals

So something that I am going to do these coming weeks is post a weekly devotional video each Sunday. For now, I’m just going to use the texts from the Lectionary (if you don’t know what that is, you can find the texts here) but I might expand to some more topical stuff eventually. For now, I plan to keep them between 5 and 10 minutes and offer just a brief, inspirational message based on the text. I want to set some goals, so, I think if I can get up to 25 views on from the time I post the video to midnight Sunday/Monday, I’ll expand it to a 20-25 minute sermon. If I can get 50 views during that time period, I’ll make something that more resembles a full Church service, perhaps all four readings, some songs, prayers, and a 20-25 minute message. Don’t worry, it won’t be me singing to you. I might even try to do it live at some point, but I am not sure how I could integrate songs into a live broadcast and such. I’ll have to see how that goes though. Something that I would like to do going into the future is sit down and develop a LDS version of the Lectionary, if only for my personal use. Something that reads over all the scriptures over a three (or possibly four) year time period. That’s something that will take a lot of work though. I think I’m partly doing these devotional videos as a way for me to grow spiritually but also because I really like to speak and preach and I just don’t get that opportunity very much. Hopefully I can have a lot of fun with these and if I’m really fortunate, I might even be able to bless someone’s life.


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