Daily Fast Write 3/16/15

“Queer Theology” Back to this again. My book finally got here. I’m through the first chapter so far. It’s offering an interesting perspective. The bibliography is really huge, I’d say that there are roughly 150 sources in the book. I guess I didn’t realize that there was so much writing on the subject. I doubt I’ll ever read them all, that’s for sure. One line he mentions is something like ‘evangelicals place more emphasis on Scripture, Catholics place more emphasis on Tradition, Anglicans place more emphasis on Reason, and liberals place more emphasis on Experience.’ I found that interesting. We all use these four things to determine our theology. Often, I think we might use one more than another depending on the subject. I think I use Experience more than the others for suffering/theodicy. Some might say that I am wrong for doing that…so we went over last night and hung out for a few minutes with Mel and her kids, and wife. Had a mid-sentence change of directions there. I guess I forgot, again, how big kids get. McCoy looked like a giant around her daughter. Tiny little person. But McCoy was so easy going around her, that was cool. We’ll have a tiny person in the house like that again here shortly. Mom’s biopsy seemed to go well today, they don’t think it’s in the lymphatic systems, just in the lungs, so that makes it easier. Makes it easier to treat. Hopefully. Have to see how it goes. Interesting conversation she and I had. She said something about praying that the results come back good. I guess I think that the results are going to come back what they come back, the sample has been taken, it won’t change after it’s out. Perhaps the prayer should be that the doctor will read the results correctly and that he will be able to determine exactly the right procedure. She also wondered if I knew why things like these happen? Kinda made a funny joke about how she thought that my relationship with God might be getting better. I had to say that I thought my relationship is getting better, but that I’m still not sure that I know the answer as to why this happens. I mean, it’s hard to explain to someone that “stuff happens.” I think people desperately want God to be in control of everything, maybe he is, but I don’t think that control is what many think that it is. I’ve written about this before a bit. Ask for comfort, as for skilled doctors, but don’t ask for healing, I don’t think healing will come miraculously…I set apart someone for the first time yesterday. Set him apart as Elder’s Quorum Administrative Assistant. Couldn’t set him apart as EQ Secretary because he’s not an Elder, the only active Elder’s in the ward are myself and the EQ President. Yikes, I guess I didn’t realize that at first. Kinda crazy. Setting apart is interesting…what does my theology say that I am actually doing there? Ben asked about baptism in the LDS Church, hopefully I can find time to respond. My view is a little different. But then, I’m pretty sure that I believe in a “real presence” in Communion as well. Otherwise, why would an ordained person under direction of a Bishop be required to do it? Interesting thoughts.


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