Daily Fast Write 3/18/15

I met with a Rabbi today. Great guy. Ate 100% kosher food for the first time every too. I had chopped liver, it was interesting. Liver is so “Earthy” tasting. I felt like being adventurous. He was a nice guy, I think we might try to go to the Synagogue with him one day. I learned a lot about Judaism, though probably just a scratch on the surface really. I bought a book the other day, I’ve read it before, but I go back to it so often, I finally just bought it. “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.” I’m ready to scan through it again. It’s really powerful stuff. I want to try to post something on here every so often that is substantial, I just can’t find the time. It takes a lot of time to write a 1500 word post that is something that someone actually wants to read. I’ll have to see what I can do though. I finally got my first class finished last night, now I have two more papers due from my Intensive classes, at least these don’t have to be as long. I read a post today on a blog that I follow, married couple having problems getting pregnant. It’s effecting them emotionally. I think they could benefit from reading Kushner, though maybe not. The Queer Theology book makes an interesting observation about the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, though he doesn’t call it that by name. How much “weight” do we put in the various portions of the quad? I think some people are weighted more towards scripture and that should probably be the case many times. Other times I think we just can’t exclude our own experience. That’s where I find myself on Suffering/Theodicy. God is all-power and can act in our lives, we say, and so forth. Yet, I look around and I have to wonder. If God can do this, then why do folk in Africa live in massive poverty? If God has the ability to change all that, why does God not do it? Homelessness in America. Natural disasters. Good families dealing with unthinkable illness. And the list can go on. Am I supposed to discount experience when I ask about the nature of God? I think I weight experience more heavily on this. I do not think that is a bad thing.


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