Daily Fast Write 3/19/15

“Jesus said, ‘Two will rest on a bed: the one will die, and the other will live.'” Part of the Gospel of Thomas. I head it on a podcast that I listened to while running. I found it interesting. This is a real look at death, I think. If we say that we exist as sort of dual beings, one body, one spirit, then at some point the two will lay down, the body will die, and the spirit will live on. Very interesting. The Gospel of Thomas has a lot of interesting stuff in it. It might be worth another read sometime. Not quite as interesting as the Gospel of Judas though…my wife had some church activity tonight, not sure exactly what it was. The babysitter, he’s a music composer, I wonder how he manages to sit through church music? Holy smokes, I get bored by the songs we sing and I don’t know anything about music. I can’t imagine him. Who knows, maybe he likes the fact that we limit ourselves to about 350 songs out of the millions and millions that have been written over the years. It’s not even 350 really. I mean, we’re never going to sing God Save the Queen in America, so there’s one gone. The Star Spangled Banner is only ever sung on the Sunday closest to July 4th, so that one’s basically out. And so on and so forth, we probably have 200 songs that we can sing. I just don’t get it. As much music has been written over the years and we can only pick from these 200? Have mercy. Well, not that we can’t pick from others, just that we don’t. I have to wonder why we don’t. But whatever. I still find myself annoyed that we’re not doing anything for Easter. I think I’m going to record a longer service/devotional video for Easter Saturday and an Easter Vigil. Not sure if I will read all the readings from the Lectionary, there are a huge number, but I will read 5 or 6 of them. I’m considering doing my own Paschal (did I spell that right?) candle service during that as well. You know, the guy I met with yesterday really did a great explanation of Kosher and how it provides a real connection to God. I Liked that. I wonder if I could really keep Kosher if I tried? I wonder if my wife would be willing to do that with me? I mean, we don’t eat pork all that often. I might talk to her about it. We’re talking about “Christian Practice” in class. Stuff that we do in our lives that bring us closer to God and intentionally form us as Christian people. Keeping Kosher for him is not just a law or some sort of legalism like some Christians would want to say, but it is truly a way that he finds himself getting closer to God. I might ask some folks about it. Dang, what happened to talking about the Gospel of Thomas?


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