Daily Fast Write 3/20/15

What do I even write about today? I don’t know. I didn’t really read anything today that I want to write about. Nothing that stood out. I had a fun day at work, I suppose. Nothing special happened. Can we eat Kosher? I’m not sure, haven’t talked about that yet. Trey is playing with Lego Christmas trees. I’ve had them for quite a while, probably since I was 7 or 8 years old. He’s watching Peppa Pig, on and off. So it goes for a four year old. I keep meaning to send an email to Dr. Bart Ehrman about a passage I remember from one of his books, probably the one about the Gospel of Judas. Something crazy, like Jesus went with Mary Magdalene to the top of a hill, pulled a fully grown women from his side, had sex with her, pulled out prior to ejaculating, and somehow consumed his own semen. Talk about some far out stuff. I can’t remember the citation, I want to ask him. I wonder is D is reading the book I gave him? Hopefully he can get some benefit, peace, comfort, something out of it. Tough situation, that. Tomorrow is the final practical test for Rape Survivor advocate training….Trey can’t find his toy watch…the humanity. I can’t find it either. This writing certainly hasn’t been done really fast and undisturbed.


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