Daily Fast Write 3/22/15

Racism. Does racism exist in modern America? Yeah, you’d better believe that it does. I’m white, what do I know about racism? I don’t have to worry about driving down the street and get pulled over simply because I’m a person of color. I don’t have to worry about going into Target with my wife and somebody see me wearing a turban and decide to heighten their sense of alert around me. I have to confess that I did that myself the other day. We were in Target, I saw a gentleman wearing a turban shopping with his wife, and I immediately became a little suspicious. I noticed myself doing this fairly quickly, like almost instantly, but why did I do this to begin with? Was he doing something strange? No, not at all. They were looking at shirts or something. They were in the clothing section, can’t remember what they were looking at…Oops, I just ended a sentence in a preposition. Such terrible grammar. I’ll have to work on that….Some lady, I think it was a lady, asked on the Mormon Facebook page about going to the movies on a Sunday. I said I’d love to go to a show with Jesus on a Sunday, get some popcorn and Milk Duds. I then jokingly said that we could just go to a Jewish store, they have Shabbat on Saturday. That raises an interesting question. So if the idea of not going shopping and such on Sunday is to keep someone else from having to work, is it then sinful or disobedient if I, say, go out with my entire extended family to a Jewish deli on Sunday when they have already celebrated their Sabbath and I am using this time to grow closer to my family? Very interesting indeed. I’d never really thought about that before. I was being cheeky when I said it on the website, but it’s a valid point, I think. Oh, one thing that annoyed me to no end, on virtually every post on that site, come to think of it, such terrible grammar. Bad spelling, using the wrong word, their/there/they’re, ugh, so annoying. I mean, didn’t these people learn grammar in school? American folks too. I can understand it if it’s a non-native English speaker, but these are native English speakers and writers. Oh dear. CM Punk said that folks called him a “quieter” on Twitter. They were trying to say that he’s a quitter, but have no idea how to spell stuff. Oh dear. He was a good wrestler. Shame he didn’t stay around, well, shame for fans. He seemed to be doing great when he was on Colt Cabana’s podcast. I’ve started listening to podcasts when I run, better than music I think. At least I can get some education while I run. Some really good religious podcasts out there, I’d like to find some more. Maybe I can. I’ve gotten a few views today on my devotional video. That’s good. I think I said I’ll get longer if it goes to 25 views a day. The video itself that is. I’d like for it to get there…. “The Jewish Way.” That book is sitting on my desk right now. I need to page through it. I have an open invitation to attend a Jewish service in Riverdale. I’ll take him up on it for sure. He said the whole family can come. Brad was a great guy, really genuine. Maybe he’d be willing to come down to Staten Island as well. Have to see how that goes. Can’t invite him to any non-Sunday things, because he can’t come to anything on a Saturday because that’s still Shabbat. He’s Orthodox, I assume that means that he tries to not to anything at all on Sundays. No cooking, no cars, etc. Sheesh, so sad. Hassidic Jewish family died in a house fire in Brooklyn. I think they were Hassidic, at least Orthodox. Seven kids died. The oldest child and the mother survived. Apparently the mother doesn’t know yet because she’s still in critical condition in the hospital. The reports said that the firefighters were shaken up as well. That makes sense. I’d be shaken up too, that’s for sure. Why would a white person be annoyed that someone was talking about racism? Nonsense. I think she’s just annoyed that I’m willing to admit that the Michael Brown case should have gone past Grand Jury, though I don’t think that anyone was “guilty” of anything criminal. I think that we, as white people, or heterosexual people, or males, don’t see things that are discriminatory. I mean, I fit all of those. White, heterosexual, male. For all intents and purposes, I’ll never experience discrimination. So who am I to say how a black female might experience discrimination? Who am I to discount a white, gay female who feels that something was discriminatory? So she feels that a group mistreated her. Should she interview them to see if she can discover their intentions? I think not.


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