Daily Fast Write 2/23/15

Sexism. That’s a good one for tonight. Do we even recognize this anymore? We should. When was the last time you heard of a male being sexually assaulted? Probably a really long time ago, if ever. Why? Well, sexism. I know, I know, hard to believe that males can experience sexism. But it’s true. Males certainly can. But how can you convince a jury that a male was raped by a female? The average juror is a moron anyway, they won’t even convict a lot of men of raping women because of some crap argument that she shouldn’t have been in that neighborhood or something. Idiots. See, if all males were actually men, women would be able to lie down completely naked in the middle of MetLife Stadium and not have to worry about anyone touching her. But we don’t have men in the world. That said, what does it matter? No matter what she was doing, if she drunk, on drugs, in the “wrong” neighborhood, whatever, if she doesn’t consent, it’s rape. Even if she consents to one thing but says no to another, it’s rape. But you can’t convince idiots on juries of that. And if the rapist of a white man in a business suit? Forget about it. And we really think the idiots that let these male rapists go free are going to convict a woman of raping a man? Doubt that. Sexism happens all over the place. And we allow it….is it better that people change religions or that they go away entirely? Surely, I think it’s that they change. What is religion, anyway? Can I really be sure that what I believe is absolutely correct? Surely not….Doctor said that McCoy needs, or might need “speech therapy.” Bother. He said that it wasn’t a big deal, just preventative. McCoy says 10 or so words. I can’t remember how quickly Trey progressed. I do remember Trey’s first word was “dumb.” Literally the word Dumb. Hilarious. But McCoy seems fine, he can say stuff, he can recognize almost anything. Maybe I should read to him a little more, I don’t do that as much as I could….Oh bother, speaking of things that I don’t do as often as I could…I challenged everyone to say the Lord’s Prayer 5 times a day on Sunday during my sermon, I haven’t even done that myself. Sigh. I’ve got to be better about that. Why the Lord’s Prayer, my wife asked me? I’m not sure, really. Just felt promoted by the spirit to say that and challenge people to do that. Hopefully it can be uplifting for people. Peace be with you.


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