Daily Fast Write 3/28/15

I didn’t write last night. I was trying to finish up a paper, but I was conversing with someone as well. So I don’t feel bad about missing yesterday. I’m giving up Facebook for a week. That probably sounds odd to some people because you’re probably reading this on Facebook…I had Camille change my password, but put it into WordPress so that my stuff from here still posts on Facebook. But I can’t actually check it. Hopefully this lets me, along with a couple other things, to do a bit of a restart on my own internal spirituality. Something that can let me move forward more. I read part of a book last night, I can’t remember the name off hand, but it is a first-person recollection about sexual assault. A lot of the stuff was rather irritating to read because it shows just how difficult it can be for victims of sexual assault to come forward and report. No one wants to believe them. They ask idiotic questions about what the victim was wearing, idiotic questions about why she (or he) was in that particular place at that time, or any number of other stupid questions. Why do people do that? I mean, we’re smarter than that, aren’t we? That must be too much to ask. I have to get back to running some more, partly because I have to weigh in some time in April, but I have my half marathon coming up in about 7 weeks. I’m also prepared for a positively fun day at church tomorrow…fast Sunday. Great, we get to do that the week before Easter. Just what we always wanted. And then we have a joint priesthood and relief society gathering during the third hour, apparently we get to talk about cleaning the building. Nonsense. So glad we put so much priority into celebrating Easter. That’s why I started recording the videos. Maybe someone can watch them and actually see a progression towards Easter. Maybe we can really try to celebrate Easter one time, ehh?


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