Daily Fast Write 3/29/15

Are we even Christians? I mean, really? Well, what an eventful Palm Sunday. We got to have Fast Sunday at church. Just what the world needs. Let’s do Fast Sunday on the day that begins Holy Week. Ain’t that great? But it gets better. We get to listen to some old man talk about how much money he gets to pave the parking lots during 3rd hour. So, at some point, it ran through some intelligent, Godly person’s mind that it made better sense to have a fast day and then listen to some old man drone on and on for an hour rather than actually celebrating Easter. I tell you, it’s a good thing that the Conservative Christians don’t accuse us of being Christians…because we damn sure don’t give them enough evidence to prove the case. I mean, it’s Easter. Easter. You know, the day that Jesus died to atone for our sins. And we don’t even hear about it in church. That’s special, friends.  I just don’t understand. But see, what makes it really cool…somebody thought it would be good for us to preach from the Ensign magazine this month…why? Because somebody wants us to all be subscribers. Here, I gotta do this in caps. WHILE THE REST OF THE CHRISTIAN WORLD IS CELEBRATING A BUILD-UP TO EASTER, THROUGH LENT, AND SO FORTH, WE’RE PREACHING ACROSS THE PULPIT SOMETHING BECAUSE WE WANT FOLKS TO BUY F^&*ING MAGAZINES. That’s awesome. Like I said, good thing they don’t accuse us of being Christian, because we don’t give them enough evidence to make the case. I just don’t get it. How spaced out do we have to be? Oh, and it was awesome and cool in Sunday School…people wonder why I don’t speak. I made two comments and the teacher just looked at me like I had two heads. Sweet. Sorry if I actually try to make comments to facilitate discussion that are outside the little lesson manual. Actually, no, I’m not sorry about that. Then I watched WrestleMania tonight. That show sucked. I’m glad it’s only $9.99 now. Yeah, back to church…I thought I wanted to comment on Mania more, but I guess not. I just don’t get it. We have literally no clue about what’s going on. Is Fast and Testimony really more important than Easter? Apparently so. Sorry, I guess I would put Easter above everything. But that’s just me. What do I know? Oh, I just try to worship Jesus Christ every week and not have some jamoke come in to tell me about how much money he has on hand to pave parking lots and do building maintenance. I literally could not care less about that. Apparently, though, I care too much about Easter and actually celebrating Jesus Christ. Sigh. What to do though? Nothing, I suppose. Keep in posting on the blog, getting 8 or 10 views a day. See how that goes. Social Media is pretty useless for spreading the gospel, unless you’re a celebrity. I want to write a longer blog post about this. Parking lots, man. So glad I got to hear about that today. Just what the world needed to hear. I gotta go say my prayers. Peace be with you.


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