Daily Fast Write 3/30/15

Here I’ve gone another day and completely forgotten about doing this. I take these things ultra seriously as part of my daily devotional time, it seems. Oh well, at least I’m doing it now. It’s really cool, Camille is totally on board with me putting out my videos. I guess I wasn’t expecting that which is the main reason that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to put out a video for each of the dates in Holy Week. There are a lot. Each day of the week has a passage, then there are three on Easter Sunday itself. Now, that shows the importance of Easter. So I’ll try to get them out. One thing that I have decided to do on Thursday is to put out a video that evening around 6pm or so, it will be a recording of the Eastern Orthodox Twelve Gospels service. I went to that last year. It’s really moving. I would actually consider doing it myself, but I don’t have three hours to devote to the service and even if I did, I wouldn’t do it out of respect for Eastern Orthodox Christians and their beliefs. But it was a great service. I might actually see if some people might want to go to that with me this year, it’s next week. Ugh. I have to weigh-in in April. I have to lose some weight. Gotta start eating healthy and cutting weight. I can make it. I really should consider eating better. It doesn’t do a lot of good to run a bunch if I come home and eat half a bag of doritos or something…and I have been known to do that. Me and Trey went for a run today. That was cool, I haven’t been able to run with him since it’s been so cold. Well, I guess I should note that he didn’t technically run with me, I just pushed him in the stroller. Talk about driving up my time. But it was cool. Holy Week. A little time off from school. I’ll still do some assignments to get ahead, but it’s great not having anything that’s mandatory. g’night. Peace be with you.


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