Daily Fast Write 3/31/15

I find these becoming a little more difficult to write. I am not sure why. I think these work better when done in group settings. I really don’t know what to write about tonight. Perhaps it’s just one of those times where I just have a block. I find myself a bit annoyed…maybe not annoyed…maybe discouraged that my stuff doesn’t get views. I wrote that a couple weeks ago. But it’s difficult to write stuff, to take time to make devotional videos and such, then look at the stats at the end of the day to see two views on my video from today or whatever. Two views, that’s interesting, one of them is mine where I had to click on the video to get the link… One thing that really stands out to me is that this huge focus we like to put on using social media to spread the Gospel is a huge myth. I post and I write every day and I get about 10 views on average each day. That’s total page views, maybe 5 to 7 individual viewers. So, I’m trying to figure out how many relatives I have as friends on Facebook….more than 5, I know that. Interesting that I write that…the relatives who read my stuff might be annoyed by me writing that though obviously they shouldn’t because they are reading my stuff and that’s awesome and the ones who don’t look at my stuff and who I wish would look at my stuff will never see it. But anyway…back to this idea of spreading the Gospel using social media. That’s a cool little buzzword, makes you sound hip and all, but it’s truly not all that valuable. If you’re not a celebrity or someone who otherwise has a following, you don’t get views. I think this would be what we might call a meta-post…I’m making a social media post commenting about the worthlessness of social media posts. Interesting. Peace be with you.


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