Daily Journal 4/1/15

I think I want to use a new title for these daily things. “Fast write” seems kinda contrived and I’ve sort of gone away from the original idea anyway. I think this is more of a journal with some spirituality involved. It’s good having a break from school this week. Gives me time to relax, which is always good. OK…I feel a blank tonight, nothing overly eventful happened today. Well…actually, Trey fell asleep with me on the couch, which is rare these days. So, I didn’t move for quite a while. I kinda realize more and more that one day he’s just going to be done asking me to pick him up, done falling asleep on the couch, and all that. Kinda sad. I also doubt that McCoy will do much of that, he’s different than Trey, he doesn’t cuddle as much unless he’s sick. We’ll have to see how the next one turns out. Peace be with you.


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