Daily Journal 4/3/15

So I missed yesterday. And today is weird too because I’m writing this knowing that I won’t be posting it until tomorrow evening. See, as I write this, I’m sitting at 99 posts and the opportunity to have number 100 be my Easter Vigil recording is just too much to pass up. I think that’s very fitting. It’s very interesting this Easter season. Sometimes I think that between being in school and taking up this idea of putting out a weekly short homily on the Lectionary passages (so far I’ve only used the Gospel passages, I’d like to be able to devote more time to the passages), I’ve become hyperaware of some things. I am not sure if it’s annoyance or sadness that causes me to question some things. I wish we did more to celebrate Easter in our churches, I really do. I come off as being really angry, but it’s more that I am sad. I’m no Catholic nor Orthodox, but I find it really interesting how much time they devote to Easter. I didn’t eat meat today. A couple of the guys at work, far from ultra-religious, said they weren’t eating meat because it’s Good Friday, so I figured I could eat tuna salad too. No big deal. Last year I tried to go pescatarian for all of Lent, eating no meat other than fish or shell fish, but that didn’t quite happen. I could probably do that diet myself, but it’s rather hard because my kids aren’t going to eat fish, shrimp, and seafood all the time….I wonder if I find Easter a little more important than some because I was baptized on Holy Saturday and ordained on Easter Sunday? I don’t often think of it that way, but sometimes it just creeps out. Very interesting. Peace be with you.


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