Daily Journal 4/6/15

Wow…totally forgot to write the last two days. That was not the intent. But we’re past Easter, now we’re into the season progressing towards the Ascension (40 days after the resurrection) and Pentecost (50 days after). We’ll see how those days go. But we’re in this season where we’ve gotten past the darkness and we’re moving forward with the resurrected, rather than the living, Jesus. Hmm…I guess we could say that Jesus lives, that’s the idea of resurrection I suppose, but Jesus the human no longer lives. How do we move through this season of the year and life? Interesting questions…I’ve been thinking about writing something about the Gospel of John. Hopefully I can get to it this week, I think it’s pretty cool…I watched the season premier of Mad Men last night. Don Draper is a wretched guy, to be honest. He might be the protagonist of the show, but he’s surely no hero. Is there theology to be seen in Mad Men? Surely I would say so, but I’ve never gone through it and looked for it. None of the characters are at all religious. No worries. I heard an interesting line in part of a lecture today…”I don’t think my church wants me anymore.” How often do we tell people that? Maybe not directly but through our actions? How often does our rhetoric tell people from whatever category that they are not wanted in any way, shape, or form in our particular church? I think that might happen rather often. We see folks who aren’t dressed like we’d expect or whatever, then we treat them poorly or indifferently, and then they never come back to our church…we’re looking for new bedroom stuff for the kids. Bother. Can’t we just not do stuff like this together and just buy it? That would be so much easier. We argue about it. I don’t really care what we get, just not too expensive. Sigh. I wonder what God wants me to do this week? I should probably ask…


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