Daily Journal 4/7/15

I played golf today. That’s part of my self-care. It’s really relaxing to play golf. I’m ready for Bethpage to open up the Black course. I hope to play there once a month during this golf season. It’s pretty much the best golf course I’ll ever have the chance to play regularly, so I want to play it as often as possible. Of course, having kids in school and another on the way can really throw a spanner in the works there…haha…spanner in the works. I heard that on a podcast last night where the guy said that. He’s a British professor of New Testament. He used that. I thought it was funny. He challenged his students to read the Gospel of Mark in a single sitting. He said it should only take about an hour to read it all the way through. I wonder if that is the case…I just looked it up. The Gospel of Mark is over 11,000 words. That seems fairly significant to read in an hour. Maybe I’ll see if I can read it during work tomorrow. That would be something productive. Something good to try. It’s interesting to look at statistics…the Gospel of Luke is the longest Gospel and when you add in Part 2, the Acts of the Apostles, it almost doubles in length. That’s a lot of work for that writer. I’ve done some research for my piece that I want to write about the Gospel of John. I find it strange that John puts the cleansing of the Temple at the very front of the Gospel while the other three Gospels put it after the entry into Jerusalem. I have a theory and I’m trying to see if other scholars through history have written something similar to what I believe may be the case or if I am just off on a tangent. I’d have to suspect that I’m not original in my thought, but I haven’t been able to find anything yet. Maybe I can write something preliminary about John this week. Or maybe not…I have a midterm due and some other stuff for class. I’m listening to a podcast on Q and the Two Source Theory right now. Very interesting. I’m a believer in two-source, I think that’s another good topic to write on. Not that it hasn’t been written before, but I think I might have an semi-original view writing from the LDS perspective. Have to see what I can do with that. Peace be with you.


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