Daily Journal 4/10/15

So I haven’t sit to do one of these in a couple days. How rude. I also couldn’t remember what day of the week today is just a couple minutes ago. Working a non-traditional work schedule tends to do that to you. “Oh, it’s Monday,” I sometimes say, “well, that’s just as good as a weekend because I have off tomorrow too.” Of course only being at church every other Sunday has its negatives. So much of church is geared around people who work the traditional work schedule and it’s amazing how little people see who only work the standard 7 to 4 schedule…I’m going to attend an Orthodox Easter service this Sunday. It starts as midnight and goes until 2:30am. Should be interesting. These High Church folk do some serious worshipping during Holy Week. I think the High Church-Low Church divide is never as obvious as it is during Holy Week. Well…unless you consider that St. Patrick’s celebrates Mass 7 times a day and 8 times on Sunday…I want to go to the Easter Vigil there next year. I suspect that it’s quite an incredible thing to see….I feel very tired today for some reason…I would just take a nap, but I have homework to do. Sometimes it stinks being in school…I suspect that I’ll be tired on Sunday considering that I won’t get home until 4am or so. I should probably email someone at the Cathedral today, see if there is anything special or different that needs to be done before the service starts so that I don’t just wander into the building having no idea what’s happening. Peace be with you.


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