Star Trek & Theology and other Thoughts

So, first, today was a busy news day. I saw three items that I want to post on. I’ll link to some news articles here so that I can come back to them and write on them, hopefully soon.

Another transgender teen has committed suicide in no small part due to bullying at school. I wonder how much we Christians really care? Article here.

Lauren Hill, the inspirational basketball player with a brain tumor died on Friday. She touched a lot of people and I’ll offer a brief commentary on this. Article here.

Also, there was a story on ABC’s 20/20 tonight about a female teacher who had sex with one of her male students 18 years ago…she was in her 30’s and he was 13. I’m not sure what I think about this story and how I want to write about it, but I’ll try to figure it out. Article here.

Finally, for those who have read this far, the title story. Star Trek and Theology. I want to write a theological review for episodes of Star Trek or the movies. But I want readers to tell me which episodes to review. It can be any episode from the Star Trek series or any movie, including fan movies so long as the fan movie is available online at no cost. I’m also willing to review a Star Trek novel, but if you want me to review the novel, please be prepared to mail me a copy of the novel because I do not have it and some titles are very difficult to find. But yes, if you have a particular Star Trek episode or movie that you would like to see reviewed just post it in the comments and I will see if I can make that happen.


3 thoughts on “Star Trek & Theology and other Thoughts

  1. Helen Rikey says:

    Skin of Evil episode of Star Trek NG Tasha Yar’s funeral in general and also in comparison to/contrasted with Data’s funeral in the last NG big screen movie Nmemsis.

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