Daily Journal 4/12/15

Well, I got home around 4:30am this morning because I went to a Greek Orthodox Easter service this morning. It started at midnight. It was about 95% in Greek language.  I wasn’t expecting that. When I went on Holy Thursday last year, it was probably 75% in English. So I had some difficulty, big difficulty, understanding the service. Very ordered though. Very ceremonial. I enjoyed it. Today we just hung out at home. I’m having difficulty with my call to ministry. I feel strongly called to full time ministry, but I don’t know where that leaves me if chaplaincy does not work out. A PhD program is a possibility, I suppose, but there aren’t many that are much known for producing University and Seminary professors. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Chicago…the usual suspects. And the problem with all of them, with the possible exception of Princeton, is that I’d have to get out of the Coast Guard in order to go there. That’s not a very good idea. Puts me right back to the same place I was when looking for MDiv programs. Theologically, I couldn’t do something as simple as changing denominations because, in spite of my having a difficulty with call, I’m not having a difficulty with faith. So, where am I left? I’m not quite sure. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m just curious about the whole situation. Peace be with you.


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