Daily Journal 4/14/15

Totally forgot to write this yesterday. I’m starting to slack with my journaling in April. I need to be better about doing this. But then again, I had a mid term due yesterday then I had the chance to do a bit of counseling. I had a great meeting with Rick at the Ministry of Presence Institute tonight. Virtual meeting. We talked about a lot of things relating to chaplaincy and how we can move forward in the program immediately and also into some other things going into the future. It was a really productive evening. I thought about playing golf tomorrow, but that’s not going to happen, just too much stuff to catch up on. Hopefully I can finish much of my homework for this week tomorrow. That would make the rest of the week a lot easier. I have a short meeting on Thursday, well, not too short, 2 hours, in the city with another volunteer organization that will hopefully allow me to get more ministry contact. It’s really difficult getting significant amounts of ministry contact without much denominational support. I kind of hate to air that out online, but such is life. It’s difficult seeing my peers in school working as pastors in congregations, doing the work of ministry every day, and I feel like I have an iron ball around my ankle. Also, sometime this week I want to do something that I heard on Mark Goodacre’s blog and read the entire Gospel of Mark in a single sitting. According to him it should take about an hour to do that. Maybe that’s correct. I’ve never tried to do anything quite like that. On that same note, someone, Billy Graham maybe, said that he used to read a Proverb and 5 Psalms every day. So he’d get through the each entire book every month. I seem to remember him saying that Psalms taught him how to have a relationship with God and Proverbs taught him how to have a relationship with other people. Seems like a good idea…though I am self aware enough to know that I don’t have that level of commitment just yet. I need to get back to a few other things on the blog that I’ve stopped doing lately. Posting my reflections from Formation and Integration, posting running journals…my half marathon is in a month, I’m way behind on my prep. Ugh. I haven’t come close to running that distance. I think the most I did was 7 miles just before the 10k. Sigh. I might try to run 8 miles this Sunday, but that’s rather inconvenient because I work. That’s a long ways and time to be gone after dark. And I can’t really go that far during the work day, even if we have two hour breaks. Oh well, I’ll find a way to make it happen. I need to keep running this month. I still have to lose weight. OK, enough writing. Peace be with you.


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