Daily Journal 4/15/15

So, technically it’s the 16th right now, but I haven’t been to sleep yet, so I’ll call it the 15th. I usually figure the next day really doesn’t start until I wake up, so as long as I’m still awake, it’s whatever date it was when I woke up. Anyway…I’m thinking about shaving with a straight razor. But I’m probably going to start with a Safety Razor. Manly. Like Don Draper. Friend asked me why the changes and stuff. I’m not sure really. I don’t have a reason, I don’t think. I know I read somewhere that safety razors give a closer shave with less irritation, so that started me on this path. But now I’ll have to wake up earlier in order to shave. Bristled brushes, shave cream bowls, and stuff. Oh well, maybe I can handle that. Not staying up until 2am I can’t, but I should probably change that. I’m ready to be done with this weight cut that I have to do. I should be better overall about eating and stuff. I still haven’t sat down to read Mark. I still haven’t sat down to write the three blog posts I wanted to write from earlier this week. Ugh. I should really do that. And now I have an idea for another one. Got some pretty good information today about Chaplaincy. This is starting to look better. Hopefully it all works out. Peace be with you.


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