Daily Journal 4/22/15

First day really getting back into homework today. Feels odd having been away from that for a while. Ugh, I still have some posts that I need to write. Maybe I can get to one of them tomorrow at some point in time. I still have to write a paper for History of Christianity, but that shouldn’t take too long. Still have to weigh-in as well. Yuck. I’m sitting in my inferno room right now, trying to lose weight. See how that goes. This will just have to suck a lot for the next couple days, I think. I still haven’t been able to read Mark all the way through. Yet another thing to add to the list. But this week I’m in a Coast Guard school…something for the very basics of Search and Rescue planning. I’m not thrilled. It’s an OK school I guess. A bunch of local guys in the class. So that’s cool. I’m ready for school to be over for the summer. I really feel like this year has been exhausting. Peace be with you.


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