Daily Journal 4/25/15

So I’m trying to cut weight because the CG demands that I make a certain weight. I’ll get to it, but this weekend sucks. I lost 6 pounds between yesterday morning and this morning. Let’s see how much I lose by tomorrow. But cutting out carbs and sodium is giving me a bad headache. Just have to live with it. I finished reading Queer Theology today, that was interesting. I might buy it, just so I can have it on hand. I wonder how much it costs? We had a church activity today. Of course someone made spaghetti on a day when I can’t eat any carbs. I had a little bit, it was good. Of course it was. When I couldn’t eat any. It’s amazing how much flavor salt adds to food. Unsalted meat is pretty terrible, to be honest. Hmm…interesting to think how much of the world eats unseasoned meat, if they are able to eat meat at all. Even locally. Yeah, Queer Theology was a good book. Made me think about things in a different way. I do not agree with all of it, partly because it is rooted in a Trinitarian belief, but I think many of the things in the book are very relevant and accurate. I should get a PhD in Queer Theology…sort of kidding there, those don’t exactly exist. OK, sleep time. Peace be with you.


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