Daily Journal 4/27/15

“Don’t tell anyone.” No, not like that. I’m talking about what Jesus continually said in the Gospel of Mark. I only got halfway through it a couple nights ago, but the constant theme whenever a miracle was performed was that Jesus said to not tell anyone. Of course, everyone went and told. I want to read some commentaries and see what the opinion on that is right now. It seems different that Jesus would perform all these miracles but not want anyone to speak about it. Yes, indeed I wonder why that might be…I need to finish my theological statement for school. Right now I have six of the ten written…technically I have seven written but the one on theodicy, or whatever the official title is, can’t really be used because it’s such a huge topic that I can’t adequately cover it in just a little more than a paragraph. I find myself drawing bits from many different churches to craft my statement. Some of my citations have come from Patrick Cheng’s book on Queer Theology. Some have come almost straight off the LDS website. I saw something this morning, or was it last night, about a specific belief about Jesus Christ from the Coptic Orthodox Church that I found to be thoughtworthy. Not sure if I’ll include it, but it is worth considering. I want to sit down and meet with the Coptic Priest and/or Archpriest here on Staten Island, find out what makes them unique and what I might need to know and do in order to most effectively minister to Coptic Christians in the military. I also need to get back in touch with Brad and talk about going to the Synagogue with him on Friday night. I think that would be a lot of fun. Peace be with you.


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