Daily Journal 5/2/2015

So I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing these. That’s not good. I need to get back to this. I need to get back to recording my videos. See how that goes tomorrow. I sometimes wish I could talk religion a little more at work. I wish I could go to church tomorrow. It’s tough missing church so often…well sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes it’s invigorating, to be honest. Worship is an interesting thing. Sometimes it’s there in church, sometimes I feel like it’s not. I need to get a smallish reading list together for the summer. Something to keep me reading some outside the box stuff. I need to keep thinking over the summer, not just get stagnant in my learning. I guess this will be the case with everything once I am out of school entirely though. I need to get back to publishing my formation/integration reflections…I need to get back to running. I ran once this week. I need to run tomorrow. Hopefully I can run 8 miles, maybe even 10. That should be interesting. I haven’t run that far in 5 years. Is religion important to me? That’s an interesting question. Studying religion is important to me. Being better is important. Having a better relationship with God and Jesus Christ is important to me. What what about “religion?” That’s an interesting thought. We didn’t get to meet as a chaplaincy group this week at all, partly because I had some social issues one evening this week. Maybe I’ll explain those in detail once I’m a little more removed from them. My kids aren’t going to stop running, that’s for sure. Oh well. Bed time. Peace be with you.


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