Daily Journal 5/3/2015

Interesting day at work, we had a little potluck lunch because we couldn’t order anything. Sadly, I/we could probably afford a Ferrari on what gets spent on food and snacks each month. I should probably be better about that…I ran 8 miles tonight, the first time I’ve ran that far in probably 5 years. It felt really good. I think I could have easily gone longer, I wanted to run 10 miles tonight, but I started too late and I wanted to get back in time to watch the 11pm replay of Mad Men. How much like Don Draper are we as a church culture? In the ten years that have gone by in the context of the show, he has not changed. The world has changed around him, methods have changed, people have changed. But he has not. And he’s become less effective and less relevant over the years. Has that happened to the Christian church? We’re still dressing like Don Draper yet we’re living in a world that has long passed him by. This is not to say the message of church should change, surely it should not. In fact, it must not. Folks are looking for the same thing today that they have looked for in years past. They are looking to grow in their relationship with God. They want churches that help them grow in that relationship. Yet, often times, we do not give them that. We give them lame music, uninspired sermons, and who knows what else that’s bad. We act like if anything about the total product changes, the entire product changes. Yet, we know that is not the case. Look at the products we see every day. I can think of at least three different logos used for both Pepsi and Mountain Dew in the last 20 years. Yet the product in the bottle is still the same. Why don’t we think that’s possible within the church? Change the logo on the bottle, make it so people are more willing to come to church, but don’t change the product in the bottle. But that would get a lot of pushback. All the old codgers hate change. Peace be with you.


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