Daily Journal 5/8/2015

Well, I find myself in Dayton this week. The Student Council offered to fly me out to be the Student representative on the Board of Trustees, so I took them up on the offer. I had hoped to meet some friends out here this weekend, but it seems that will not happen. I find it very interesting the way God works here. I’ve gone from being just another person in the crowd to now being the voice of the students on the governing body of the Seminary. That is quite an unexpected happening. It is really amazing the great things that God can help us do if we are willing to take that first step into the unknown. For me that was the step into Seminary and then following that small revelation to join the Student Council. I hope that I can be a quality voice on the council. I’m incredibly thankful for everything my wife does for me and the kids. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. She is willing to watch the kids by herself while I go on my semi-annual jaunts to Dayton. I feel bad that I can’t think of a gift to get her for Mother’s Day. I must just not notice things. Sorry dearest. I’ll get her something cool, though.


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