Daily Journal 5/9/2015

Sometimes life really sucks. I sit here writing after having a great day in Dayton and having just read a post from a friend of mine who is going through almost unimaginable struggles and having just had a brief conversation with another friend who is going through some different struggles. It’s a difficult question to ask…why do some people get dealt such a bad hand while others get the good one? Kusher tried to answer that question. He had to redefine God to find an answer that was adequate to him. Sometimes I wish I could go to a find establishment with these folks and order 2 Old Fashioned’s, one for each of us. Sometimes I really think a good drink would be quite cathartic. It’s kind of strange, I find myself growing stronger in faith, but wondering if certain things matter. Would I abandon my relationship with God if I had a drink? Probably not. But I won’t have one either way. Some people just get dealt a tough hand. I think it’s OK to be angry with God sometimes. God’s a pretty tough customer, I’m pretty sure he (or she or it or whatever) can handle our anger. Peace be with you.


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