Daily Journal 5/13/2015

I need to get back into a daily habit of doing these….So, tomorrow is the celebration of the Ascension according to my Lectionary calendar. Hopefully I can find time tomorrow to record a video devotional for that. That weekly video idea went away fast, sadly. Quite like many of my great ideas. I’d like to get back to those. I was listening to a podcast tonight, one of the phrases in there was something like “the only thing we know about God is that we do not know anything at all” or something to that effect. I wonder how true that might be. I certainly do not think that we can adequately attempt to define God because anything we might do to define God would be limiting of what God can do and isn’t God all-powerful? That’s an interesting thought. I’m not yet decided what I think about it. I need to finish my theological statement for class. This thing is incredibly difficult to write and I guess that’s the point. How often do we really think about what we believe? We just believe it. But writing it down is much harder. Actually finding justification for beliefs in scripture and scholarly works can be difficult. Or at least time consuming. Not that it doesn’t need to happen though. I’m ready for this semester to be over. Peace be with you.


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