Running Journal 3/25 to 3/31

So I haven’t written one of these in quite a while, I need to do some kind of recap of my Brooklyn Half as well. This week went well. It was my second week after the Half Marathon, so I am still working back up to significant miles. I’m still working with some shin pain, so I think I need to be better with stretching and rolling my legs after workouts.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Missed 2 mile run

Wednesday: Missed 2 mile run

Thursday: 3 miles, 33:31 total, 11:09 average, splits 11:06, 10:52, 11:30. I forget why I was struggling on this run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3 miles, 32:02 total, 10:33 average, splits 10:55, 10:28, 10:18. I didn’t intend to speed up with each mile like that, but apparently that’s how it happened. I felt pretty good.

Sunday: 4 miles, 40:21 total, 10:03 average, splits 9:59, 9:23, 10:19, 10:26. I wanted to run this one at a 10 minute average pace, I ran the second mile a lot faster than I intended, so I slowed down the last two miles. I hit my target pace overall.

Seeing those skipped days written down is not cool. I had noticed that the last couple weeks, so I’ve started writing my runs on a whiteboard that I have on my wall so that I won’t be tempted to skip them.


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