Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

So this was my first half marathon in over five years. My last one was in March of 2010 at Cherry Point and it might have had 200 runners. This one had over 30,000. So that was a major shock. Then again, it shouldn’t have been considering I ran a 10k with over 5,000 runners when the temp was about 12 degrees.
Getting back to running
So, it is rather embarrassing the reason I got back into running. I failed to make weight in the Coast Guard for the first time in October. So, I started running and running quite a bit. But I was following a plan and really sticking to that plan. I had considered making effort to run the NYC Marathon this year, so I figured if I was running for weight anyway, then I might as well start running races for competition and fun. So I registered for the Joe Kleinerman 10k in Central Park. I trained hard for this and kept up the training for a while afterwards.

I tend not to go with stock plans. I generate my own. I work in rest weeks, hard workouts, recovery workouts, and so forth. Up to the week of February 9th, I stuck to my training plan exactly and didn’t miss a single workout. However, when I went to Dayton Ohio for seminary and the second week there I didn’t work out at all; the week of the 9th was my first week there. Part of this was due to the temperatures, it was below zero for a portion of my time there, which is very odd considering it was 55 or so degrees when I got to town on the first Sunday. Then I came home and didn’t keep to my plan. I would go a week at a time and not run, then run only once the next week and so forth. My longest run ended up being only 8 miles. As you might guess, I struggled with reaching my target pace.

The Race
So the race started off pretty good. I ran the first half mile at what I thought was a fairly comfortable pace, somewhere around 8:45 per mile. I wanted my time to be under 2 hours, so I knew this was a good pace for that. The second half mile was uphill and that slowed me down. My pace went up to about 9:15. I brought the pace back down to around 9 minutes after the second mile and slowed down a bit on the third mile. Basically I knew by the end of the first 5k that I wasn’t going to be able to finish in under 2 hours. So I settled into a more comfortable pace around 9:45 or so per mile. At least that’s what I think it was, I’m going to post my mile split times, so we’ll see how that ends up. The entire run around Prospect Park in Brooklyn was done during a significant rain. My shirt, shoes, and everything else was soaked at the end of the park run and I still had 6 miles to go. I was thankful that I’d packed an extra pair of socks. Obviously, I started struggling towards the end, but I finished strong.

Total time: 2:09:23, pace of 9:53 per mile
Mile 1: 9:16,
Mile 2: 9:27 (apparently I didn’t speed up during the second mile)
Mile 3: 8:27 (must have been thinking about this, this entire mile was downhill, but I knew I couldn’t keep the pace)
5k: 28:23
Mile 4: 9:45
Mile 5:10:02 (first full mile run in the rain)
Mile 6: 10:41 (slowest of the day, pretty sure I was moving my iPhone case around to keep it dry)
10k: 1:00:40
Mile 7: 9:29 (downhill section in the park)
Mile 8: 9:31
Mile 9: 10:27 (not really sure why this one is so much slower)
15k: 1:31:45
Mile 10: 9:58
Mile 11: 9:37
Mile 12: 9:35
20k: 2:02:55
Mile 13: 10:36 (obviously I was running out of gas)
8:26 pace in the last bit to the finish

These times might be a little different than the official since they come from my phone GPS. The 5, 10, 15, and 20 kilometer split times are official times from the NYRR. It was a fun race, there were quite a few people up and down the roads as we ran. Overall a good time. Certainly I take a lot away from the race. I need to stay committed to my training plan if I want to run the NYC Marathon in under 4 hours, which is my goal. Obviously that amounts to roughly 9 minutes per mile through the entire course. Hopefully I can get there. I want to get back to posting my weekly journals because they should keep me accountable to staying on my plan.


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